A Journey to Amsterdam 1/2

Part 1

Hello World,
This summer I’ve been to Amsterdam with four friends of mine. We camped at Camp Zeeburg for two weeks. Exempted from Berlin, Amsterdam is one of the best cities in Europe. Bitches, Weed and Milk products. The food conditions wasn’t the greatest but I can proudly recommend the restaurant “Burgermeester” to you. It’s a burger restaurant and I promise that there were the most delicious burgers I’ve ever eaten in my life. For example, one time I had one with egg-truffle cream, bacon, vegetables, salat and 200g beef. Also the bread was roasted.
Smoking weed legally was one of the reasons to travel to Amsterdam. In my opinion, The Green House Company, Amnesia and Abraxas are the best coffeeshops in town. I’ve recorded my impressions and feelings of this journey with my old analogue reflex camera. If anyone wants any pictures in high-resolution, please write me an E-mail.

Note: All of these pictures are made by myself and aren’t dedicated for any processing!