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Stroke Artfair 2011

A documentation about the urban art-exhibition Stroke Artfair 2011 in Germany. A big converge of different artists all over the world, making unconventional and experience-oriented art. Really interesting documentary about the three days long exhibition at Berlins Postbahnhof with portraits of many artist and more. Have fun.

Director: Yanna Yansn
Running Time: 20 Min

Film Advice #5: City of God

Cidade de Deus

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The story is set in the 1970s in Rio de Janerio’s poor district Cidade de Deus, governed by poverty and violence. Orientated by the novel “City of God” (1997) from Paulo Lins who raised up in the city. After 5 years, Fernando Meirelles stages this novel into one of the best brazilian film. The soundtrack, the images, the actors and the serious question is very well implemented. I can recommend this great movie to all of you if you are interested in the hard life in the city of god.
Attention! Film Trailer = Spoiler!

Plot: Two boys growing up in a violent neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro take different paths: one becomes a photographer, the other a drug dealer.

 - Tree Fractal

City of God (2002)
Director: Fernando Meirelles
Actors: Alexandre Rodrigues, Phellipe Haagensen
Genre: Crime, Drama
Running Time: 130 Min

Opening Scene:

 - Tree Fractal

Classical Music

Just don’t know what to say. This music is self-declared.
For those who can understand, listen and enjoy this kind of music will like that post.
Old classical music or new classical music, it’s still unbelievable good and blows your mind.
For this music, please turn up the volume, open your window and close your eyes.
And now enters the stage Sir Richard Wagner, Ludwig van Beethoven . . .

Richard Wagner – Tristan & Isolde – Prelude

Ludwig van Beethoven – 7th Symphony, 2nd Movement

Ludwig van Beethoven – 9th Symphony (the whole)

Dimitri Shostakovich – Symphony 8

Philip Glass – Mad Rush

Also try out: Steve Reich, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Bach, Mozart . . .

Tikiman live in Berlin

Hey People,
It’s a pleasure for me to present to you Paul st. Hilaire aka Tikiman.
In cooperation with the record store Hardwax, the Berlin Music Days and Killasan Tikiman will be singing live with Scion again in Berlin on Wednesday.
He often worked together with the berlin Dub – Techno underground label “Rhythm & Sound” and together they influenced many electronic artists from today. This event is a must for everyone who likes Dub, Reggae and Techno.

DATE: 02.11.2011 / 9pm
PLACE:  Horst Krzbrg /  Hallesches Tor  (U1/U6)
Tempelhofer Ufer 1 / 10961 Berlin

About #2: Dj Koze

-At least 1 Million hits by Google-

Adolf Noise aka Monaco Schranze aka Swahimi aka Dj Koze aka Stefan Kozella was born and raised 1972 in Flensburg, Germany.
After he moved to Hamburg in the early 90’s he founded his first HipHop group called “Fischmob“.
As time drew on Stefan faced up with electronic music and got more and more famous as Dj. Together with Erobique and Cosmic Dj he started his second project called “International Pony“. Till 2003, Dj Koze released many tracks and albums amongst others on the labels Kompakt, Get Physical or Circus Company. He already got his own record label called “Pampa Records“. I saw him unfortunately only once in 2008 but i hope to see him anytime again.
For me Dj Koze is the best electronic Dj from Germany for the last 20 years. His music belongs from HipHop till Techno and his experimental projects are still excellent and unbeaten. By the way “Koze” -> “Ko(t)ze” is the German word for vomit. Cheers.



Occupy the Streets, Occupy the World (11.11.11)


Join the Revolution. We are the 99 percent.
Occupy the whole world. Wake up and rise up!
On the 11th of november we are united for global change.
Follow your link underneath, invite your friends, join the event in your vicinity.
Build shields, throw waterbombs, make creative protest. You are not alone, the world is with you.
We can change.

World Action Day, 11.11.11.

Join the Demonstrations & Events on the 11.11.11:

Here are 2 protest posters for free. You can print (it’s A3) them, paste them and distribute them. The images are in 300 dpi. For full resolution, click the pic.