American New School

American new school HipHop

Of course, of course
Nothing better than A Tribe Called Quest, Grandmaster Flash,
LL Cool J, Nas, Wu Tang Clan, Guru or Mos Def
but currently the new school HipHop scene will blow your mind. With OFWGKTA, Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa the scene had won some new special talents.
Okay Jay-Z, 50 cent and Lil Wayne still sucks (in my opinion) but for all that these new talents are apart from it.
They open new doors for other artists. And I think they key to get a famous HipHop star is: To smoke as much weed as possible being cool and making your own thing.
Fuck yeah. By the way, OFWGKTA means Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Taste the flow underneath!

On datpiff you can download for free some good Mixtapes for free:

  1. Curren$y – Dope Cutz: The best of Curren$y
  2. Curren$y – Return to the winner’s circle
  3. Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y – How Fly
  4. Wiz Khalifa – Prince of the City 2
  5. Wiz Khalifa – Kush & OJ
  6. Tyler the Creator (OFWGKTA) – Bastard
  7. Tyler the Creator (OFWGKTA) – Instrumentals

Audio Samples:

Curren$y – Record Deals

Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y – The Life

Frank Ocean (OFWGKTA) – Thinking About You

Tyler the Creator (OFWGKTA) ft. Domo Genesis – Pigs Fly


American Juggalo

Documentary: American Juggalo

This documentary gives us another point of view about the subculture of the American Juggalos.
The Juggalos meet once a year for one week to experience the family feeling together, on their own “festival”. Clowns, Beer, Drugs and naked women. interesting documentary

Director: Sean Dunne
Running  Time: 23 Min