One United Power – 1UP – DVD

The 1UP Crew is one of the most famous Graffiti Crews from all over the world. Every writer know this name! The crew born and raised in Berlin city aka europe’s graffiti capital and of course are all members anonymous.
Now, after years of bombing, writing and running their first DVD will come out in December and it’ll be fucking gorgeous, I promise. The original version is in german with english subtitles that everyone can understand the messages.
I can proudly recommend this to everyone who is into graffiti or is interested in, because it’s really really special for a world-famous graffiti crew as 1Up is one, to show any audience their exclusive live actions, streetbombings, interviews and graffiti trips all over the world. Damn! Scarcely to be expected!
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OneUp – OneLove



1UP Graffities:

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About #1: Börek

Börek – Graffiti Artist

Where is my Blackbook?
The person who calls himself  “Börek” is a graffiti writer.
When you walk through Berlin-Kreuzberg it’s impossible to miss his beautiful characters.
He started painting in 2003 and is still active today. His style ranges between typical graffiti bombing with cans and street art where you use stickers, poster and installations.
Börek worked with famous crews like 1UP and KHC together. The name of his crew is  “Yo!”. I introduced to you Börek, because his characters, artworks and bombings influenced my opinion and my perception for graffiti art in a particular way. Today all the letters and bombings chasing me like crazy. Bomb your city!

A little Gallery:

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Special – One Up Crew – Wholecar: