Stroke Artfair 2011

A documentation about the urban art-exhibition Stroke Artfair 2011 in Germany. A big converge of different artists all over the world, making unconventional and experience-oriented art. Really interesting documentary about the three days long exhibition at Berlins Postbahnhof with portraits of many artist and more. Have fun.

Director: Yanna Yansn
Running Time: 20 Min


American Juggalo

Documentary: American Juggalo

This documentary gives us another point of view about the subculture of the American Juggalos.
The Juggalos meet once a year for one week to experience the family feeling together, on their own “festival”. Clowns, Beer, Drugs and naked women. interesting documentary

Director: Sean Dunne
Running  Time: 23 Min

Real Scenes: Berlin

Techno in Berlin – R.A. Documentary

For the third edition of the Real Scenes Series,
Resident Advisor and Bench go to europe’s city of techno music: BERLIN
1989 when the wall came down, techno became an underground movement,
which merging the population of east and west. Today techno has become a usual business in Berlin.

Running Time: 18 Min

Have Fun!