About #2: Dj Koze

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Adolf Noise aka Monaco Schranze aka Swahimi aka Dj Koze aka Stefan Kozella was born and raised 1972 in Flensburg, Germany.
After he moved to Hamburg in the early 90’s he founded his first HipHop group called “Fischmob“.
As time drew on Stefan faced up with electronic music and got more and more famous as Dj. Together with Erobique and Cosmic Dj he started his second project called “International Pony“. Till 2003, Dj Koze released many tracks and albums amongst others on the labels Kompakt, Get Physical or Circus Company. He already got his own record label called “Pampa Records“. I saw him unfortunately only once in 2008 but i hope to see him anytime again.
For me Dj Koze is the best electronic Dj from Germany for the last 20 years. His music belongs from HipHop till Techno and his experimental projects are still excellent and unbeaten. By the way “Koze” -> “Ko(t)ze” is the German word for vomit. Cheers.




Esay Listening Online

Good mood.
There are many legal ways to listen to music online. You can hear single tracks, live recordings, podcasts or you can even make your own playlist. Listen music for free so I give you my top 5 addresses to do that. By the way, R.I.P. Steve Jobs.  Stay tuned!

Turn up the Volume!
Sets & Longplays /w: Tama Sumo, Juan Atkins, Move D, Sadar Bahar and more.

Tama Sumo LWEPodcast05
Juan Atkins LWEPodcast99

MOODYMANN Live in Berlin

Oh Yeah!
Get on your daaaancing shoes!
Do you like House music? Do you like Soul music? Do you like Dub & Disco music? If you can answer these questions with „oooaah yes“, I would say you should be in berlin and keep clear October 02, 2011. More information about this fantastic date you can find below. Scroll!
The godfather of house Moodymann will be in town!
This is probably the last chance to feel his Vibes live in the next months, because he will be on tour with his band in winter. The man from the united states is not “Just Another Niggah” he is the godfather and influenced House- and Techno-music in many ways. I hope to see you on the dancefloor, you Freeki Mutha f cker!

DATE: 02.10.2011 / 11pm
PLACE:  S.K.Robinson /  Görlitzer Bahnhof (U1)
Skalitzer Str. 36 /  10999 Berlin
TICKET:  Before 11pm – 10€ After – 12€