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Hello there,
Today I present to you my homeboys, my crew, my family the SKC Crew. From the heart of Berlin we will rise up and baffle all human beings with our skills in music, art or photography. Are you interested? Check out our first Blog.
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To give you some impressions, I show you the newest work from our Star-Artist “Ninne“. Taken from his new Instrumental Album “Harte Beatz Vol. 2”. He cuts this video by his own and of course the beat, too. Here goes SKC Productions with “Chriztmas“.

You like that beat? Then you will absolutely like our other stuff. The two instrumental Albums, presented by SKC Productions and done by “Ninne” will soon be available again to download. All of the design is made by ourselves.
I will let you guys know.

Greetings from the SKC


About #3: Portugal The. Man

Portugal the. Man is a indie-rock band from Alaska, USA. The band founded in 2004 and is still alive.
A few years ago, when i used to hear different kinds of rock music (hardcore, grindcore, indie, nintendcore..), one day a mixtape from Portugal the. Man has come to my attention. The Mixtape: “It’s complicated being a Wizzard” a mixture out of indie-rock, experimental sounds and electronic music, inspired me in many ways. I heard this band intense till 2009. Their albums were very varied. One was more coined by electro, another by 60’s rock and one was in a way like very good pop music. I saw them two times and there were very good, I think one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen in my life. Till 2009 i can proudly recommend all their work to you, honestly, but since 2009 their advancement gone the wrong way (commercial way) and I stopped listening. But after all I still hear their old stuff some times, but I won’t hear their new stuff. Check out Portugal the. Man.
Watch them in HD, better audio Quality, too.

Classical Music

Just don’t know what to say. This music is self-declared.
For those who can understand, listen and enjoy this kind of music will like that post.
Old classical music or new classical music, it’s still unbelievable good and blows your mind.
For this music, please turn up the volume, open your window and close your eyes.
And now enters the stage Sir Richard Wagner, Ludwig van Beethoven . . .

Richard Wagner – Tristan & Isolde – Prelude

Ludwig van Beethoven – 7th Symphony, 2nd Movement

Ludwig van Beethoven – 9th Symphony (the whole)

Dimitri Shostakovich – Symphony 8

Philip Glass – Mad Rush

Also try out: Steve Reich, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Bach, Mozart . . .

Esay Listening Online

Good mood.
There are many legal ways to listen to music online. You can hear single tracks, live recordings, podcasts or you can even make your own playlist. Listen music for free so I give you my top 5 addresses to do that. By the way, R.I.P. Steve Jobs.  Stay tuned!

Turn up the Volume!
Sets & Longplays /w: Tama Sumo, Juan Atkins, Move D, Sadar Bahar and more.

Tama Sumo LWEPodcast05
Juan Atkins LWEPodcast99