Studio Ghibli

The japanese Ghibli studios founded by Hayao Miyazaki (every animation film fan should know this name) and Isao Takahata  in 1985. This studio is one of the famoust animation film studios in the whole world.
Known for Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke or Howl’s Moving Castle.

I think every movie from this studio is kind of commendable. Nowadays anime-productions are always made with computers but the Ghibli films are still painted with hands and later they photograph them. You will notice that when you see those beautiful images. Also the soundtrack, for example by Joe Hisaishi, of a Ghibli movie is so touching and unbeaten. I present you now a short selection of some Ghibli Studio films. Check the trailer and watch them. Sayonara

Background information: In the past, films like Spirited Away were not published at the same time in America or Europe as they were published in Asia, because Walt Disney saw studios like Ghibli as a big rivalry and tries to ban the movies in every way till they buy up Ghiblis distribution. For me shows that Walt Disney is only interested in earning money and is not interested to create art or something special with animations films. So FUUUUU Disney.