Random Riot Photos #2

Chaos, chaos, chaos all over the world.
Note: The last picture is from Genova, G8 summit 2001, where the police murdered Carlo Giuliani. Fuck the police!


Random Riot Photos

Oh Yeah.
I thought it’s time for some photography posts. So…
Some random riot pictures from all over the world. Solidarity greetings to all the protesters.

For full resolution: Push the picture

Occupy the Streets, Occupy the World (11.11.11)


Join the Revolution. We are the 99 percent.
Occupy the whole world. Wake up and rise up!
On the 11th of november we are united for global change.
Follow your link underneath, invite your friends, join the event in your vicinity.
Build shields, throw waterbombs, make creative protest. You are not alone, the world is with you.
We can change.

World Action Day, 11.11.11.

Join the Demonstrations & Events on the 11.11.11:

Here are 2 protest posters for free. You can print (it’s A3) them, paste them and distribute them. The images are in 300 dpi. For full resolution, click the pic.